Okay, I have no idea what's happening here, or a little bit of an idea, and it looks interesting enough for me to read and click and say, "What the hell!" I'm curious to see what happens now that I'm just stumbled onto this. Love the title graphic!

Snarl – Unkeen, regular humanoid

Name – GrahA FiRah

Background – Disaster Travel

Persona – Disagreeable Collector

Appearance – Scholarly Messy

Description – Educated Wild

Skills – Guide Environment / Energy Activity

Traits & Flaws – Lacking Different / Delicate Fame

Spells – Curse

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Okay, I finally had some time.

Snarl – Unkeen, regular humanoid

Name – Tallee Anje

Background – Outsider Recruited

Persona – Awkward Restless

Appearance – Aromatic Cool

Description – Anxious Lean

Skills – Legal Danger / Lie Official

Traits & Flaws – Resource Specialized / Communicate Trustworthy

Spells – 0


In my head he has been summoned to serve as an outsider judge, to navigate the intricacies of the wills of the dead. I see him wearing dark robes that accentuate the air of unease given by his restless movements and tics. He always smells like herbs, and he carries around a little travel bag full of papers and various plants. He uses the plants to curb his anxiety.

He is well versed in legal matters and is quite trustworthy but, although very good as his job, he is quite worries about finding out 'the wrong things' in any of the documents that he analyzes.

Everything is open to interpretation, though.

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hey, this is exciting!

I have put together a character roller using the procedure and tables you offered, it's not super pretty, but it works and hope it helps! :)

you can find it at – https://perchance.org/wyze-and-snarl-character-generator

and here is a character generated with it

- Snarl – Keen, dormant snarl affinity Name

- Name – N Kr

- Background – Wounded

- Persona – Shallow

- Appearance – Lavish

- Description – Ancient

- Skills – Change / Develop

- Traits & Flaws – Trouble / Information

- Spells – Communicate

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Confused, am I supposed to roll a D100? I don't have one of those haha

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